Best Gaming Gifts You Can Afford

July 9, 2019 by Thomas bryan

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Lots of gamers focus on upgrading their gaming tools and equipment. But there are a couple of items that players don’t buy but should to make their life easier. 

Like wet wipes for cleaning up clammy joysticks. Or box cases for storing games, controller charging stations to tidy up the place, and cases for handhelds. Practical stuff that a gamer can use to complement his or her energy-drink-fueled gaming lifestyle.

There’s a fitting gift for every type of gamer out there. If you want to go for unique, quirky, and functional, check out these suggested gamer gifts that you can add to your list of things to buy without breaking the bank.

Back to the Past

All gamers started gaming somewhere in time. If the person you’re giving a gift to is a ’90s kid, then most probably that person has spent a considerable chunk of his or her childhood playing Nintendo.

Give that person the gift of going back in time and let him or her remember their humble gaming beginnings with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s not the best console ever made, but for the ’90s kid inside, it is a concentrated pill of nostalgia that would make him or her relive the good old days. Put in the classics like Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, and even Donkey Kong to complete his or her trip down memory lane.

Also, Nintendo merchandise is always an incredible gift idea. Nintendo offers varieties of the heat-changing mug. The best one so far is the Mario mug that features the iconic plumber getting out of the pipes. When you fill it up with hot liquid, it will show him through a keyhole cutout. It even comes in a box featuring Mario’s massive smile that gamers absolutely love.

Finger and Wrist Acupressure Exercise Massager

Gamers always complain about pain or tingling sensation on their fingers after spending hours of gaming. The repetitive motion causes tension on the muscles, which can possibly lead to tendonitis or, worse, the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome.

Buying a finger massager can help relieve the ache and give your hand the care it deserves. One of the most trusted massagers today is the finger and wrist acupressure exercise massager by LURE Home Spa. It comes with a magnetic roller ball that helps relieve chronic and arthritic pain, inflammation, and tension.

Power Mouse and Mouse Pad

The latest gaming craze is the augmented mouse, particularly the Swiftpoint Z mouse. By leaning the mouse, the characters that he or she loves playing online will lean on the game as well. It comes with a whole lot more functions. 

For example, when you press harder on a button, whatever game you may be playing on the PC, it will release a stronger attack. When you’re jumping in from a spaceship or airplane, the built-in gyroscope tech will allow you to switch from mouse mode to an analog joystick controller.
Pair it up with the SteelSeries Qck Gaming Surface mouse pad, which provides pinpoint controls for all gaming styles. The mouse pad offers a nonslip rubber base that lets the user have more control and minimizes unnecessary wrist movements. The manufacturer takes pride in being the “choice of esport pros” for over 15 years—they know exactly what any type of gamer needs

VR Headset

With the consistent disruption happening in technology, there’s absolutely no turning back from the digital. 

The latest VR headset by Oculus Rift is getting tons of rave from the gaming community. It is the most recommended gift to gamers today and for a good reason. It allows a real player to bring his game further up and let the wearer have the perception of actually being present in an entirely digitally constructed world.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile platforms have been taking over mainstream gaming for quite some time. You can play your favorite web-based game anytime, anywhere you want on smartphones or tablets. There have been lots of revolutionary tools produced that have redefined Android games, but nothing can come quite close to the gigantic steps made by the builders and designers at PowerA Moga in the mobile phone controller department.

The mobile gaming system comes with full-sized grips, action buttons, dual analog sticks, and shoulder buttons to streamline the same experience of an actual gaming console. It seamlessly connects to any Android device, giving you a close enough experience as any PC would and the boost it needs.

Piggy Bank

Any Pokémon-loving adult would see this oddly practical and adorable Pikachu piggy bank an obvious choice. When you drop your coins in, the tiny electric rodent emerges from his eternal sleep to squirrel away your cash. You’ll get your money back, of course, all for likely fewer quarters than it would take to fill it up. 

This is a must-have for every practical gamer who’s looking at saving a few bucks for his or her next upgrade. Wherever he or she may be in the land of gaming Neverland, saving money for a rainy day never gets obsolete.

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