Google Home vs Amazon Alexa: Which is The Right One for You?

June 6, 2018 by Thomas bryan

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With smart homes gaining popularity, Google Home Assistant and Amazon Echo – Alexa have become the more intelligent and reliable digital voice assistants. These smart speakers come alive with our voice commands and can play music, set reminders, and even teach toddlers how to pronounce difficult words! The future is AI, Google & Amazon assistance is just a beginning.

Finding the best voice-based assistant may seem like a hard task and keeping up with the plethora of features, a struggle. It is essential to evaluate the various voice assistant devices available in the market to make sure that your smart home device complements your needs, be it seamless integration with your existing devices at home or answering all your questions efficiently!

The big question then is, how do you choose the one that suits your convenience?

Let’s Start with the Basics!

Starting at the bottom to understand the device usage will help in eliminating any confusion later. The two main smart speakers are – Google Home and The Amazon Echo, the latter was released in 2015 while the former in 2017, making it the designated newbie. The voice that is heard from The Amazon Echo has been named “Alexa” while that from the Google Home speaker is called “Google Assistant.”

Google Assistant comes with an AI-powered technology software that enables communication when connected with Google Home speaker. Amazon’s Alexa, on the other hand, resembles a similar technology that helps communicate with the use of Amazon’s smart speaker – Echo or the new Fire television remote control.

Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant – Which is the smartest?

While Amazon has taken significant steps to improve Alexa’s ability to answer questions, Assistant seems to be a step ahead in responding to multiple questions because of its ownership of the Google search engine space. Complex questions thrown at Google Assistant have fewer chances to come back with, “Sorry, I don’t know” response.

On the other hand, the Echo (Alexa), can easily control the smart home devices e.g. – you can ask Alexa to lock the doors or switch off the lights etc., provided that the smart home devices have already been purchased. The assistant does not have as high a capability and is less efficient when it comes to smart home device integration.

Models and Pricing – Which has the edge?

Amazon has a definite advantage over Google with more number of smart speaker models, namely the portable Amazon Echo Tap, the Amazon Echo Show (with video calling and weather reporting feature), and the compact Amazon Echo Spot.
Essentially, the Google Home costs more than the Amazon Echo and, if you are looking for budget-friendly cost models, you have the option to buy the Google Home Mini or the Amazon Echo Dot.

On the other hand, if you are looking at high-end smart speakers with better audio quality and improved home device control, the available choices are the Google Home Max and the Amazon Echo Plus (priced lower).

The battle of beauty – Who has a better design?

Amazon Echo has improved the design of its speakers with a choice of 6 finishes (3 material, two wooden, and one metallic) that can suit any home or room décor.

On the other hand, Google Home continues to impress in the design front with a curvy shape apparently inspired by wine glasses and candles. Additionally, it provides a total of 6 different shells (in fabric or metal) for its bottom casing, along with a sloping top and 4 LEDs to provide visual feedback.

In addition to a physical mute button, Google Home features a capacitive touch panel (for music control), while Amazon has purely opted for mechanical switches for all functions.

For the design element, it all boils down to one’s preference – neutral colors and woods from Echo or metal and bold colors by Google Home.

Music Support – Which one bags the prize?

Google Home provides a more rich and well-rounded sound system than Amazon Echo Tap or Echo Dot. Both devices support Pandora, TuneIn, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. One distinguishing fact here is that Google Home lets its users upload their music library to the Google cloud. This certainly gives Google Home an edge over Amazon Echo for people who want to play their music collections on their smart home devices.

Though Echo does not boast of a super music sound system, it does provide a 3.5mm jack cable letting its users connect the device to a powerful speaker. Google Home Assistant lacks this aspect.

Want to buy the best audio quality voice assistant? Either choose Echo Dot and pair it up with a vibrant sound speaker via jack cable; or take the Google approach and purchase Google Home Max – Google’s premium device.

Call Functionality – Which is the best assistant for your phone?

Both Amazon Echo and the Google Home devices can be used for making calls. The Amazon Echo helps to communicate with other smart devices at home, along with making Internet calls to friends or family. With the Amazon Echo Show model, one can also make video calls. Additionally, the “Drop-in” feature in Amazon Echo allows communication over other Echo speakers present in a home.

On the other hand, the Google Home supports hands-free voice calling and making free, high-quality calls to local mobile phones and landline numbers.

Privacy – Which one does a better job?

Concerning privacy, both the systems allow you to log into respective Google Home or Amazon Alexa online accounts and delete the recorded voice clips from the individual smart speaker.

Google Home goes a step further and provides a better job of disabling even the recording of voice commands.

Which is the best?

The choice between both the smart home enabled voice assistant speaker systems comes down to the usage of these devices on a regular basis. One must make their choice of an intelligent speaker, based on the technology features that they are seeking in the device. We suggest going for Google Voice Assistant if you are looking for an uncanny ability in a smart device to provide more accurate and relevant answers to questions. Choose Alexa if you want to own an intelligent technology that can configure devices for maximum power.


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