iPhone X ARKit – the New Reality?

June 6, 2018 by Thomas bryan

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We’re all aware of how Apple never ceases to amaze us! From mesmerizing us with its design to fascinating us with mind-blowing tech gadgets every year – they have never stopped trying to win us over. And this time they have taken our expectations a step ahead, iPhone users all around the world are in for a new reality – an augmented one!

With the advent of the iPhone X, we’ve seen some cool features, like the OLED screen, a true depth camera and a whole new design element. However, this time, Apple developers have worked in full swing presenting the world with a whole new level of technological development – the ARKit, or the Augmented Reality Kit.

First Things First: What Is Augmented Reality?

Let us picture this – A user wants to buy a new car but is skeptical about purchasing it with questions like – what will it look like outside the showroom, will the colour look dull without the flashy focus lights on it, will it look just as sleek on the road, what will it look like parked outside my house and so on. Rewind this instance five years before, and the only solution was to buy the car and analyse its aesthetics later. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that there exists a technology now that can help see how the car will look outside the showroom without having to purchase it?

Make way for augmented reality! With this massive leap in technology, a user can now see what the vehicle he planned on buying would look like anywhere, in any location, at any time and in any season!

Augmented reality can help people perceive or picture elements or views around them, in a way where they look real. Want to sport a mohawk or dye your hair blue? Augmented reality will show the users exactly how it would look. The breath-taking augmented reality features are revolutionising the way we see the world!

iPhone X ARkit – See Things Differently

Everyone’s talking about the iPhone X ARkit, but what exactly does this entail? How exactly is it going to make any difference to us? Here’s how –
Apple, with its release of iOS 11, has made it possible for all the iOS device users to enjoy a vast number of benefits regarding creativity and innovation, one of the most talked about is the AR tech that helps perform fascinating tasks and has become the USP of the iPhone X!

Looking for a friend in the middle of a large crowd? Or let’s say parents need to spot their little one on a sports day celebration at school? With the advent of the iPhone X ARkit, users don’t have to break a sweat searching for them. The kit does it all with the help of inputs like GPS, sound, information and video. Now, locating friends and family has never been easier!

Planning for dinner this evening but not sure if the food on the menu is appealing enough? Gone are the days when browsing through the menu gave us all the information we needed to satiate our hunger pangs! With the ARkit, we can see how the food looks, once completed, from all angles, on our plate!

Gamers are in for a treat with the ARKit innovation that has resulted in the making of some of the most mind-blowing games ever! Pokémon Go is passé, gone, literally! The new games that take advantage of this augmented reality are sure to leave everyone stunned. A few examples? Read on –

  • The Machines – Your breakfast table has a higher purpose – turn it into a battlefield! With the help of the ARkit, tables or slabs transform into a space for you to play your new game – The Machines. All you need is your iPhone X and the latest technology that comes with it.
  • AR Zombie – This game is all about protecting yourself and your home from a zombie attack. With the ARkit, one can live the experience – see how real the whole game can get when the zombies are walking all around the kitchen or living room!
  • AR Dragon – Own a dragon and take care of your fiery pet with this new game. It’s a simple game that involves taking care of a dragon, and watch it evolve into a majestic animal. The coolest part? Watch this dragon come alive in the living room and strut around like a boss!


These were just a few of the cool features that the iPhone ARkit boasts of. iPhone users are in for a rollercoaster ride that will take them through some of the most significant technological wonders that the world has ever seen! It is safe to say that Apple’s augmented reality is the new thing in the town and is an experience that we all simply must be a part of.


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