LED, LCD or OLED – Which TV to Purchase?

June 6, 2018 by Thomas bryan

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Television plays a significant role in our lives. Be it entertainment or information; the TV has been our constant to provide every piece of knowledge out in the world straight inside our living room! We’ve all seen the growth of the television, and the TV technologies which are fascinating.

With LCD, LED, Smart TV and OLED coming into the market, it has made television sets more sleek and stylish than ever! But with cool specifications and design elements comes a lot of confusion! Today, there is a range of HD, Ultra HD, 4K, HDR and various other high tech TV’s in the market.

We all know that LED, LCD and OLED are the most sought-after type of TVs, but what exactly are they, and which is the best?

What to Know About LCD, LED and OLED?

LED display TVs are a popular choice these days, and there’s a good reason for this. LED TVs boast of a panel display that is flat.

LCD TVs work with the help of liquid crystal displays, which in turn help to produce images. While these are slimmer as opposed to CRTs or one of the oldest TVs, the cathode ray tube is not as compact as LED televisions.

OLED TVs are trending now! For those who are wondering what OLED stands for, it is Organic Light Emitting Diode. While LCD TVs work with a backlight, OLED TVs can function without one because it has a unique feature where it can emit visible light. Another aspect that makes OLED a preferred choice among users is the look and feel of it – OLED TVs are lighter and thinner, as opposed to LCD TVs. While an LED TV has good contrast, clarity, visible light and backlight, there is no denying that OLEDs are the better and more developed counterparts of LED.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Television

Planning to buy a new television? These eight tips will surely make the buying process easier!

Consider the Budget

How much is the buyer willing to cash out, and on what? If we’re talking about a basic set, then an LCD TV or an LED TV should suffice, but if you want a better, out of the world experience, then look forward to OLED.

Look for More Connections and Port  

Make sure the television comes with abundant port segments. These can help you insert USB cables and flash drives for an instant transfer of favorite videos and photos to the TV for a fantastic view. A good TV set will come with a minimum of three to four HDMI ports

Faster Refresh Rate = Better Picture Quality!

Keep in mind the refresh rate of the TV. In most LCD TVs, the refresh rate is only about 60 HZ. The refresh rate refers to the number of pictures refreshed on the screen in one second. With a refresh rate of just 60 Hz, the images might be blurry. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a television that has a higher refresh rate of 120 Hz, 240 Hz or even more!

Get HDR for Most Colours!

Select a television that boasts of a resolution that is more than 4K. The full HD 1080p is the most standard screen resolution available today, and 4K is the most sought-after option these days. It is increasingly becoming a norm for new TV sets to come up with a 4K screen resolution and is a better choice for buyers investing their money on a new television set.

Choose OLED

It is a given that OLED TVs are better than LED TVs and LCD TVs, but buyers should know OLED TVs are more inclined towards the expensive side.

Smart TV is Now a Necessity!

These days majority of sets come in-built with Wi-Fi so that users can stream videos from Internet-based platforms such as Amazon Prime / Netflix or run applications for playing games and even scroll around multiple social media platforms. Previously, it was possible to own a regular TV set for a lower price, but with the advent of technology, the option to own a Smart TV is endless even on a smaller budget.

Curved Screens Are Not Mandatory.

The curved television screen is the new thing now. It boasts of a wholly unique experience, but truth be told, it has its disadvantages as well. These screens, with their curved aspect, not only distort the screen image but also narrow down the side-viewing angles, hence restricting the perfect view only to few viewers sitting in the right spot.


While it is a no-brainer that OLED TVs are the obvious choice, there is no denying that LED and LCD TVs are still sold across the market and perform reasonably well for their audience. If indulging in a good TV watching experience is the need, then OLED TVs are the real deal. LED and LCD TVs are the perfect choice for users who want to go a little light on the expense without compromising on the screen quality. Make sure the screens have a reasonable refresh rate, high resolution, clarity, and display.

Go ahead and choose the best television that lives up to its expectation and fits the bill perfectly!


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