The Five Best Smart Helmets for Bikers and Motorcyclists

June 6, 2018 by Thomas bryan

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Riding an e-bike, motorcycle, mountain bike or road bike can be a source of extreme fun and excitement, but one should take ample of safety precautions while riding. Proper helmets are vital for staying safe on a trail or the road. With technology coming up with innovative methods to make every gadget or device more functional, our current helmet has also received a premium-tech makeover!

Once a figment of sci-fi, smart helmets is a thing of the present now. Smart helmets around the world are gradually beginning to gain popularity, thanks to the rapid technological improvements and an affordable smart helmet price. Packed with features including built-in microphones, rear-facing cameras, and Bluetooth support, smart or intelligent helmets are making rides more safe and enjoyable.

Here is the look at the list of the best smart helmet to buy for motorbikes or cycles.

Livall Bling Helmet

A Bluetooth speaker and a wind-proof microphone for hands-free calling is your prime need while riding? This smart bicycle helmet provides these features, along with a smartphone app that converts text messages to voice messages. Safety features include LED strips on the top and rear that serve as turn signals, along with a smart G-sensor that senses gravitational acceleration.

Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

Ideal for riding at night, this smart helmet comes with a total of 59 lights in the front, rear and side, which can be easily controlled by a handlebar remote. Along with the functionality of a helmet, this device packs in lighting, hard brake indicators, and turn signals all into one unit. Additional features include water resistance to survive rain showers along with six hours of battery life.

Livall MT1 Smart Helmet with Bluetooth

Ideal for use by both motorcyclists and cyclists, the Livall MT1 smart helmet has a sleek and aesthetic look, built with eight coloured LED lights that serve as turn indicators. Bluetooth speakers can help you make or receive calls and you can also listen to music while riding. An additional safety feature includes the SOS alert feature. Want to mount your GoPro Hero HD camera on your motorcycle helmet to capture that adventurous ride? Go for this 3M VHB sticker series with 6 pieces.

Coros Linx Cycling Helmet

Care more about helmet protection features while cycling? The Coros Linx helmet provides smart safety through the bone conduction technology that let cyclists maintain situational awareness even when listening to music or taking a phone call. It has an inbuilt app that can ride tracking on a smartphone. Other features include an emergency alert system (in the event of a collision) and a handlebar remote.

Want to capture selfies when biking without compromising on safety? Now, catch or record the best moments using this helmet extension selfie photo kit.

Sena Momentum and X1 Helmets

Have a knack for biking and motorcycling? Sena offers smart helmets with the Momentum brand for motorcycle riders and the X1 for cyclists. Both these helmets provide tech features such Bluetooth connectivity and video cameras. What’s more? This helmet comes with an intercom system that can enable communication with other riders on the go!

Unpleasant odours from a helmet can be of great discomfort for the riders. Spray this Petronas Durance spray purifier for some great results to make the journey a pleasant one!


Helmets may seem like an annoying object made to your stylish haircut, but they are a crucial element for a rider’s safety. These smart tech helmets and their coolest accessories are not only comfortable to wear but can elevate the riding experience to a whole new level!


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