The Ultimate Battle – PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

June 6, 2018 by Thomas bryan

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The gaming industry is always evolving and the most exciting evolution maybe upon us! Sony has launched its PS4 Pro and Microsoft has launched the Xbox One X. The world’s first premium console for 4k technology is here! With the technology making gaming far more immersive, here is a look at the latest battle for supremacy between these two console heavyweights for the best title of gaming console 2018.

The Experience

Both Sony and Microsoft have been trying to outpower one another since their introduction to the market. Their competition has resulted in developments on both sides that seemed revolutionary from the beginning. This time, they are competing on who can provide the most well rounded and immersive gaming experience for users, and this is a close one. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are both 4k enabled and are monsters when it comes to graphics power. So, which one has the upper hand regarding sheer gaming experience? This is a surprise of sorts, and the battle concerning gaming has been a neck-to-neck for both. Microsoft has put in efforts to ensure that every game for the Xbox One X is running at full 4k capacity, this means it runs at 60ffps. The PS4 loses out here as the console might have the ability to run at 60ffps, but not all games for the PlayStation come at 4k capacity. The difference in gaming power arises as these are gaming consoles for TV and the tech for televisions and games is yet to catch up to the consoles themselves.


A crucial part of any console is the processor, having a high-performance processor unit is vital for smooth gameplay. The PS4 Pro has worked to upgrade their processing speed from previous PlayStation models by including a whopping 2.13GHz, 8-core. Due to this upgrade and the iconic PlayStation software interface, the PS4 Pro is sure to give users an immersive, lag free and an interactive game session.

The Xbox One X has also upgraded their processor unit to a high-performance one with 2.30GHz, 8-core. This along with an improved device interface software gives this console a significant boost. In the gaming processors field, the Xbox One X beats the PS4 Pro by a slender margin.

Game Content

Sony is still going strong by releasing hundreds of new game titles daily; this stands true for all PS4 Pro. Previous PS4 titles still work with the Pro model and major companies such as EA, Ubisoft and 2k have all announced upgraded versions of favorite games to 4k friendly for the pro. Additionally, Sony has taken significant steps to improve the PlayStation Plus and VR game interactivity.

Microsoft has surprised its consumers by working with major game companies to pull closer to Sony concerning content, like with the PlayStation. The Xbox has worked with various game developers to release upgraded games that are 4k friendly, but when it comes to worldwide content for gaming, Sony still has the edge.


Sony released their PS4 Pro at the end of 2017, and it wasn’t a giant leap from its previous releases, so the costs do not vary much. Sony has released only one version of the PS4 Pro – the 1TB model.

The Xbox is priced higher when compared to the PS4 Pro and the model with additional storage space costs even more!


Neither Sony nor Microsoft has released an upgraded controller specifically for their respective 4k models. Sony, however, launched a new line of color by adding the option of a red controller. Sony wins due to its user interactivity during gameplay; this is because the Dualshock 4 is more comfortable in the hands of any gamer. It also has more color choices and skins available. The Xbox One X does have an elite version which bridges the gap to the Dualshock, but it is almost three times the price.


The Xbox One X has the fashionable Kinect accessory for hands-free gaming. Consumers can also buy many accessories like the Xbox One Media Remote, headphones including the Turtle Beach Ear Force ZLa. Every purchase of the Xbox One X comes with an Xbox Gold membership for a year. The gold membership includes many discounts on games and media along with a bunch of surprise freebies.

Sony takes the cake with its accessories with options like the motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, a VR console options, free apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and YouTube. Consumers can also purchase a PS Plus option yearly that gives gamers two free games every month, numerous discounts on games, themes, and media. The PS4 also has more third-party skins, stickers and controller sleeves available.

Sony bags the accessory title with its cutting-edge VR options and the option to customise the look of the controller and console by using skins from third parties.


When picking an ideal console, the most important thing is to understand the functions and the titles available to the console itself. Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are compelling devices and are powerful gaming consoles clearly running a close race be the best gaming console 2018. In the end, it is subjective, and the title of top gaming console will be provided based on personal choice and comfort. We aim to provide you with relevant information on their respective features, and now the choice is yours! What do you pick?


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