Top 12 Apple Watch Tips to help you work and live better

April 3, 2019 by Thomas bryan

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Chances are that if we have an Apple watch, there are tips and tricks about it that we don’t know and that we need to know to get full use out of this high-tech watch.

We Can Use it to Locate a Lost Phone

For one, the Apple watch can be used to “ping” an iPhone or our iPad. This feature will help to locate one of these devices anywhere in our home. So, if we lose our iPhone, it will make our iPhone or iPad make a noise so that we can follow it to recover our device. To use this feature, we simply need to have our Apple watch in “face mode.” Then we can activate the “Glances” feature by swiping in an upward motion from the bottom. Then we will be able to swipe until we get to the glance area in Settings and we can select the “Ping iPhone” selection. This is handy and especially if we are going out the door in a hurry and do not have time to tear the house apart in hopes of finding our lost phone.

We Can Wake Up to a More Pleasant Alarm

We can also use our Apple watch to set an alarm that will be less annoying than waking up to the “regular” alarm clock noise of our plug-in one.

we will wake up to haptic feedback that mimics a gentle tap on the wrist. To set our alarm, we can choose the Alarms option from the main screen and then press the display. Then we can tap “new” and then “change time.” And, of course, we can always use Siri to do this for us. We should also try to make it a habit of charging our watch every night to make sure that it never runs low on power or at least very rarely.

We Can Summon Siri

Another cool feature is that we can activate Siri. We can do this by telling our watch the magic words, “Hey Siri,” before we follow that with a command. We need to remember that this will only work if our watch is in Glances mode or watch face mode. We can also activate Siri by simply pressing the digital crown for a few seconds. We can think of her as a personal assistant that will keep us organized and on task for the day.

How to Conserve the Life of Our Apple Watch

We can also conserve power and cut down on the times that we need to charge our watch with its Power Reserve feature. This feature will conserve energy for more important tasks such as telling us the time. According to Apple, this nifty feature can make our Apple watch last an extra 72 hours. This feature will automatically come on when the battery on our device begins to run low, or we can also do it manually.

Our Apple Watch is also a Viewfinder

We can also use our watch to create a type of viewfinder for our iPhone. So, we can set up our iPhone from afar and then monitor the action on our watch. We can even snap pictures remotely. To get started we will need to open the Camera app on our Apple watch and then take a photo with the shutter button. We can view our photos on our watch right away, but they will be stored on our iPhone.

Our Watch Can Take Screenshots

We can use our Apple watch to take a quick screenshot which can be done by pressing the side button and the crown. It’s a lot like how we would take a screenshot on our iPhone.

We Can Easily Organize Our Apps

We can use our Apple watch to get organized and to get all of our favorite apps to be displayed vertically on the screen. We should do this on our iPhone screen first rather than trying to do it directly on our watch which is much more difficult. We can also make our apps appear in a grid view by pressing the crown and pressing the grid view display or selecting the list view option depending on what we want.

We Can Set Time in the Future

Another neat feature is that we can see our important notifications on the fly. If we don’t want every notification to emit a sound we can use its convenient and easy-to-use feature to mute all of our alerts. To do this, we can simply go to the “My Watch section and then the “Sounds and Haptics spot before heading over to the Cover to Mute section. When we set this setting, it’s easy to mute any new alerts by placing our hand on the watch face and holding for three seconds. We know that it worked when it vibrates.

We Can Send a Stock Message

Our Apple watch will send a stock message for us, and there are many pre-made responses that we can use to respond to messages that we receive.

We Can Hold a Call

If we get an incoming notification but would rather get our iPhone to complete the call, we can place the caller on hold. If we’ve lost our iPhone, we can always use the “ping” feature to locate it quickly.

Clear the Screen

If we want to get rid of a notification on the screen, it is easy to do so by swiping from the top of the screen or by scrolling down using the crown.

The Notification Center Saves Time We can also utilize the notification center and read any messages that have come in, but the best part is that the sender will never know that we have read it. Then we can decide whether or not the message is urgent and needs immediate action not the sender.


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